Schoolgirls’ masterpiece displayed next to world famous LS Lowry works.

Schoolgirls’ Lowry-inspired masterpiece to be displayed alongside world famous LS Lowry works in Salford.

Philippa Radicke (age 9) and Sasha Kuczer (age 10) from Todmorden have unveiled their LS Lowry-inspired masterpiece, which will be displayed in The Lowry’s galleries in Salford for one whole year.

The Copley Prize at the Lowry for further information see press release
L-R Alison Copley, Philippa Radicke, Sasha Kuczer and Michael Simpson Director of Visual Art at The Lowry with Sasha and Philippa’s art work “Down the Alleyway” in The Lowry’s gallery

LS Lowry was famously a solitary figure, painting alone in his bedroom and often from a somewhat detached vantage point to the figures in his busy industrial scenes.

Philippa and Sasha from Cornholme School in Todmorden, took a more collaborative approach when asked to create a piece of LS Lowry-inspired art during a school trip to The Lowry in Salford.

Their work, entitled Down the Alleyway, was entered into The Lowry’s annual Copley Prize – a competition for children of paintings or drawings inspired by Lowry’s work – and was judged the winner by Michael Simpson, Director of Visual Arts and Engagement at The Lowry and Alison Copley, who founded the competition with her husband, Noel.

Down the Alleyway was unveiled, in a celebration ceremony attended by Philippa and Sasha’s proud parents and friends on Thursday 27 August. Their work is now on display alongside Lowry ‘classics’ such as Man Lying on a Wall, Going to the Match and Coming from the Mill in The Lowry’s permanent LS Lowry exhibition (LS Lowry: The Art & The Artist) for one year.

1)Sasha Kuczer (Left) and Philippa Radicke with their winning artwork “Down the Alleyway” in The Lowry’s gallery
1) Sasha Kuczer (Left) and Philippa Radicke with their winning artwork “Down the Alleyway” in The Lowry’s gallery

Today, Philippa and Sasha said; “We are really excited to see our work in The Lowry’s galleries for everyone to see. We decided to enter the Copley Prize together because we are in the same class at school and we are best friends. We have entered other art competitions together before and have won prizes. We won a prize for the piece we entered into a competition at the Todmorden Agricultural Show”.

The budding artists are not sure whether they will make their passion for art into a future career. Philippa said; “My mum is a photographer so she might pass that on to me.”


Michael Simpson, Director of Visual Art and Engagement at The Lowry, said;

“We have received many fantastic entries from children from all over the country, so we have had a hard time picking a winner, but Philippa’s and Sasha’s piece ‘Down the Alleyway’ really did stand out! The young artists used a number of different techniques and produced a picture full of atmosphere. The Lowry is delighted to be displaying their work in our galleries alongside our famous collection of Lowry’s paintings and drawings.”

By Emily Liddiard, Learning and Participation Coordinator at The Lowry