Who is Ada Lovelace and why is she so inspirational?

We’re a bit Ada crazy at The Lowry this season so we thought we better have a little look at why.

Contemporary artwork ADA by Artist Karina Bobinki-Smigla and Ada Ada Ada, interactive theatre piece by Zoe Philpott in association with Manchester Science Festival, are dedicated to this wonderful woman. So we’re digging a little bit deeper to discover who she was, and why she’s so important today.

When you think of STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) You’d more often than not associate them with being male dominated career paths. So you’d be surprised to learn that the world’s first computer programmer was as woman, meet Ada Lovelace.

PrintAda Lovelace was the child of parents with contrasting interests. While her mother was interested in Maths & Sciences, her Father was a poet. After her parents divorced Ada was left in her Mother’s care who immersed Ada into a life of strict education. Ada invented the computer program in 1843 and then got written out of history and is renowned for publishing a historic paper about Charles Babbage’s designs for a 19th century computer, which contained what many view as the first ever computer program.

Ada Lovelace could see the potential for computers to do so much more than solve maths problems and saw potential for machines to be creative. ADA by Karina Bobinski Smigla is able to create whilst at the same time remaining part automatic machine. ADA is a gigantic half filled helium ball with charcoal attached to it’s outer edge and is a part of The Lowry’s current exhibition ExtraORDINARY. ADA draws by nature and much like a computer programme, is an independent drawing sculpture.

Ada Ada Ada is an interactive theatre piece presented by Zoe Philpott and Manchester Science Festival. It comes to The Studio at The Lowry Fri 30 Oct and features an LED costume. Guests can become part of her story with a handful of postage labels, a kilometre of string and a stunning programmable dress that would make Ada proud.

Today there is a big drive to get women in to STEM careers (See #womenintech & #womeninstem) abd with Manchester Science Festival & ESOF (European City of Science) around the corner, what better way to whet your appetite than getting involved in our Ada crazy season of Art.