Salford’s Young Carers are getting creative at The Lowry making toolkit to raise awareness.

This summer a group of 12 young carers, aged 8 – 16, from Salford have been working alongside a graphic designer from The Lowry to make a toolkit that will raise awareness about Young Carers.

Working alongside Jennifer Leonard, one of The Lowry’s talented graphic designers, the young people have been working to create a toolkit to raise awareness about Young Carers and the challenges they face. They have written and designed a toolkit that compliments the 3 films previously made by the Salford Young Carers. This digital resource will be used by teachers, youth workers, health professionals and young people to help to identify potential young carers and advocate for the needs of young carers.

Graphic Designer Jennifer Leonard leads a design workshop with Salford's young carers
Graphic Designer Jennifer Leonard leads a design workshop with Salford’s young carers

The children involved used research and their own experiences to write quizzes, activity sheets and case studies for the toolkit. They also learned about professional design concepts such typography, layout, print making and colour and generated lots of brilliant designs which will be used in the toolkit.

The Young Carers Toolkit will be launched on Tue 20 October 2015 at a special event at The Lowry. This date has also been named Young Carers Day in Salford. And will celebrate the care and dedication of the hundreds of children across the city who care for their families every day.

The Young Carers Toolkit forms part of a focused project with Young Carers in Salford at The Lowry and has been made in collaboration between The Lowry and Salford Young Carers. The two charities have been working together since the start of the Young Carers focused project. While The Lowry provides expertise on Art, Salford Young Carers assists with the pastoral care of the young people involved.

YC Summer Activity Toolkit activity 3
YC Summer Activity Toolkit activity 3