Salford Young Carer’s Day at The Lowry

Raising awareness for young carers in the local area, Salford Celebrated the City’s first ever ‘Young Carer’s Day’ at The Lowry On Tue 20 Oct and launched a new awareness tool-kit for schools.


Our lovely Learning Engagement team and one of The Lowry’s talented graphic designers have worked with Salford’s Young Carers over the last few months to produce an awareness tool-kit. The tool-kit which was designed by the young people will be used in Salford’s schools helping them to identify when young people might have extra caring responsibilities.

Recognising young people’s achievements and the contributions that they make to their families, Salford’s Ceremonial Mayor came to The Lowry to celebrate the launch of the tool-kit with tea and cakes in the afternoon before the official event in the evening.

The launch also celebrated four years of innovative work between The Lowry and Salford Young Carers and Young Adult Carers Services.


Juggling school work with personal life, many young carers can feel like they’re under a lot of strain and can often feel isolated. This project introduced young carers with peers, someone else who is going through similar things, which builds a support network for them.

It is thought that at any time more than 70 per cent are hidden, unrecognised and without support and this event has resulted in a prestigious nomination for a Children and Young People Now national award.

Councillor John Merry, Executive Lead Member for Children’s Services, Learning and Skills at Salford City Council said: “These young carers are inspirational people and quite rightly deserve public recognition – they are a credit to their families.

“They are forced to grow up early and miss out on other opportunities that young people get.

“We now want to help raise awareness of what they do and try and encourage other people who need vital support time come forward.”


As part of the day, which has been organised in partnership with the Gaddum-managed Salford Young Carers and Young Adult Carers Services, Swinton Gateway will be holding four art therapy sessions. The pieces of art created will be on display at The Lowry in the evening.

Local schools in Salford are also running awareness events by selling cakes and putting on fun activities. Some schools are also theming events on young carers to raise awareness and staff are receiving briefings.

For support and more information young people and their families can contact Salford Carers Centre on 0161 833 0217 or visit their website.

Join the conversation and celebrate the special day on Twitter with #SalfordYCDAY2015.