Three ghastly tales that have been penned…

Ollie Jones & Clem Garritty of our Associate Company Kill The Beast tread the boards in the Studio  with The Terrible Tale of the Twiddly Widdlies on Fri 27 Nov at 8pm.

Read on to sample their poetic genius


Three ghastly tales that have been penned

Find life in the Studio at November’s end

So don’t miss out on the guts and gore

Because you’ve one night to see it and then no more


What happens when two theatrical dears

Are both faced with their greatest fear?

Must the show indeed go on,

Or would a murder be more fun?


Two top class chaps of middle age

In the midst of drunken rage

Set themselves a reet rum dare

That leaves their skulls bloody and bare


On misty banks of famed Loch Ness

A tape is found, chewed to a mess

The scrappy contents darkly explain

Why the owners were never seen again

By Ollie Jones & Clem Garritty