4 Dec: Avoid Apples


Time and time again our Doctor tell’s us to get in five fruit and veg a day. Well I tell you this! I won’t be going near apples this Christmas. Not with a jealous step-mother hanging around poisoning them, left right and centre… Oh wait, that’s not my jealous step mother, it’s Snow White’s… Aaand breathe!


balletLORENT’s dark and mystical adaptation of Snow White (Sat 5 December – Sun 6 December) is created from an original retelling by Carol Ann Duffy, and reimagines the story of a mother’s poisonous jealousy in a dance theatre production for family audiences. Thwarted desire, deception, compassion and redemption with magical mirrors, and a young woman with beauty as pure as feathered snow.

Snow White is the second chapter of a planned trilogy of Brothers Grimm fairytales created by balletLORENT, which began with the highly acclaimed Rapunzel (Performance of the Year, The Journal Culture Awards 2012).

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