6 Dec: Watch the Snowfall


We might hope and pray for a White Christmas this year, but snow is never guaranteed.

… Well it is…

It is if you visit The Lowry’s current exhibition Right Here, Right Now you can see snow-fall no matter what the weather is like outside. ‘Snowfall,’ is a mesmeric interactive digital art work by fuse* where you can watch snow build up around you’re body, then fall away as you move.

‘Snowfall’ is at The Lowry as part Right Here, Right Now which is a major new exhibition. Providing a thought provoking snapshot of contemporary digital art, Right Here Right Now features the work of 16 international artists. It looks at how technology affects our lives – through surveillance, artificial intelligence, voyeurism or online dating.

Created in the last five years, their critical, playful and illuminating artworks challenge our understanding of the digital systems that surround us, while making visible those that are hidden. Prepare to re-think your increasingly connected digital life.


For more info on Right Here, Right Now click here.