“This is the first time I’ve done something for myself in YEARS… it makes me so happy!”


“This is the first time I’ve done something for myself in YEARS… it makes me so happy!”


Sat in the bar, with a drink in hand after our final session before Christmas, those words from one of our members truly were music to the ears of those of us who’ve worked to get The Lowry Chorus up and running.


Earlier, the 40-strong Chorus had been performing in The Lowry foyer, brilliantly, to hundreds of listeners – not bad at all for a group that didn’t exist three months ago!


And now we were basking in the warm glow of our achievements (or maybe that was a wine glow…), enjoying a  Christmas drink and chatting like we’ve known each other for years, not just a few weeks.


It was so wonderful to see that sense of fun and friendship blossom over the weeks.  I’d felt it myself, when I first joined a local choir over 4 years ago.


While not lacking in enthusiasm, there’s no way I’d have said I was ‘choir material’ – until I wandered into a group on a bit of whim and before I knew it, I was hooked!  I learnt how to breathe properly, how to stand properly, and how to tune my ear in via all sorts of ridiculous-sounding exercise which had me in fits of giggles. But most importantly, I met an amazing group of people, people who I’m now really proud to call friends. We’ve had all sorts of adventures in the intervening years, singing everywhere from concert halls & country houses to weddings & shopping centres; I’ve laughed more than I thought humanly possible, eaten a tonne of cake, and washed it all down with gallons of post-rehearsal beer. And I know that after every single session, I’d go home feeling genuinely happy – you can’t beat that can you?


And that’s what we’re building with The Lowry Chorus; and we’d love you to join us. It doesn’t matter if you can’t read music or have never sung anywhere other than the shower. You’ll find a warm, welcoming, friendly group of people, and enjoy belting out a few great tunes along the way – it really does make you feel brilliant!


The Chorus at The Lowry starts rehearsals on Thu 7 Jan – book online here.


Written by Megan Tripp.