Over the last few months, visitors to The Lowry’s Galleries have had the chance to play God. The chance to choose between life and death… for a plant.

Stephanie Rothenberg’s work ‘Planthropy’ is made from a collection of plants suspended mid-air in Perspex tubes. It’s one of many works in The Lowry’s latest exhibition Right Here, Right Now. Looking at people’s charitable giving (philanthrophy) the artwork ‘Planthropy’ is an installation that explores the crossing of social media and finance.

The plants are cared for by a digital watering system that is linked to twitter. The system monitors the social media platform and will only release life-giving water when someone tweets #Donate.

We’re nearing the end of this exhibition, and we’re sad to say that this plant isn’t looking too healthy.


Look at all those brown leaves.

It’s watering system is linked up to #donate #climatechange which means there hasn’t been much action on twitter raising money to save the planet since the exhibition launched in November 2015.

Other plants in Stephanie Rothenberg’s ‘Planthropy’ use the hashtags #animalrights #breastcancer #hunger and #refugees. They look much healthier than our little green & brown friend pictured above.

Right Here, Right Now is a digital art exhibition that presents a snapshot of the digital world we live in today. The exhibition closes on Sun 28 February 2016 and includes works from 26 international artists. For more information on the exhibition click here.