Backstage at The Lowry: Rachael Welsh, Marketing and E-Communications Assistant

Fri 3 October 2014
     Dear Diary, it’s coming to the end of my first week at The Lowry, and today I was made to go to Old Trafford Stadium, walk through the Manchester United trophy room and high-five the bloody mascot. It can only get better right?

There really is no place like The Lowry. When I began working here 18 months ago, I very quickly learnt that this was no ordinary office-based job. The work I do everyday changes almost as much as the shows in the theatres. Some days I’ll be legging it round the building with an armful of posters to change, other days I’ll be doing a headstand or hoola-hooping in the foyer, all in the name of social media!

The role of Marketing Assistant involves some pretty weird and wonderful jobs. Some crazy tasks have include chaperoning Sesame Street characters around Salford, dancing in the streets of Manchester dressed as a giant Tetris cube in front of 175,000 people, performing my now infamous stand-up sets, and many, many boat cruises. Other proud moments include my re-branding and management of ‘Comedy at The Lowry’, working with the wonderful ‘Get Involved’ students (thanks to the fabulous L&E team), and producing the latest season brochure.


My favourite part of The Lowry though is The Lowry’s incredible variety in the theatres. One day you’ll be watching a large west-end musical, the next a physical theatre piece that involves fully naked actors. Or we’ll have the biggest names in comedy on our Lyric stage and new-writing premiers in our Studio. With companies including the National Theatre, Paines Plough, Royal Court, Frantic Assembly, Circa and DV8 bringing the best of UK and International theatre to our stages, it’s easy to see how you can easily watch up to four shows a week working here!

As I leave The Lowry this week for my new job as Marketing Officer at the Imperial War Museum, I look back on the past 18 months – at all the weird and wonderful things I have done here, the amazing productions I have seen and the incredible people I have met. Sure sending a Liverpool fan to Man United in their first week was a bit cruel, but the rest of my time here has more than made up for it.

I’m ridiculously grateful to this building for giving me the chance to do and see so much. For letting me stick my nose into other people’s business and giving me so much responsibility. It has been the dream post-university job.

P.S. I’m sorry I never really did a brew run.