Joining the Circus with Chino the Acrobat

Chino: Acrobat in Acelere

27 year old Jhon Gerlin Rodriguez Riascos, aka Chino, studied at Circo Para Todos, Colombian National Circus School and graduated in 2004. After graduating he worked with a group of friends and colleagues in Colombia but also across the world in countries such as France, USA, Peru, Israel, England and Italy.

Chino accessed the circus when he was in a youth centre called ‘Servicio Juvenil de Bosconia Marcelino’ in Cali, helping the Circus Community Workshops on Saturday afternoons.

“I had access to different workshops like bakery, music, woodwork, welding and … circus! I really enjoyed circus and wanted to learn how to do acrobatics. After the workshop, a group of students were chosen to do the audition to attend the professional Circo Para Todos school. I went to the audition and got accepted in August 2000.”

Circolombia was first born from the distinct need for ongoing professional work for graduates from Circo Para Todos in Colombia, the world’s first professional circus school for disadvantaged youth. Founded in January 2006, Circolombia is a young and exciting UK based production company, producing high energy modern circus shows with a distinctive Latin feel. Uniting youth and celebrating their achievements in amazing, innovate productions is intrinsic to Circolombia, as is helping young people to start their own journeys of self-discovery and development.

Chino will perform in Acelere at The Lowry Thu 24 – Sun 26 March . For more information and tickets click here.