World Meteorological Day in The Lowry’s Galleries

So World Meteorological day is a thing! And too right I’m going to celebrate it, because The Lowry’s next exhibition ‘Syzygy’ features a work that I think is utterly mind boggling, fascinating – and it’s totally meteorologically related!

To give you a bit of background. I’m a sculpture geek. After studying the process of casting at Art School I’m fascinated with any piece of work that exploits the ideas of casting. Be it photography, drawing, film, or casting with plaster, I’m all over the process of duplication, and copying.

How is this relevant?

Katie Paterson - Campo del Cielo - Field of the Sky - 2012
Katie Paterson – Campo del Cielo – Field of the Sky – 2012

Well. Katie Paterson’s Campo del Cielo is coming to The Lowry as part of ‘Syzygy,’ her largest ever solo exhibition. Campo del Cielo is a meteorite. Or at least, once was a meteorite. Or at least still looks like a meteorite. That is, after the Scottish born artist decided to melt it down and re-pour into a mold cast from the original. Head baffling right? What I love so much about this piece is that after a process of breaking it down, it’s the same as was, but at the same time, will never be the same again.

What’s more, a small part of the meteorite now circles the Earth in orbit, all thanks to the European Space Agency.

World Meteorological Day draws attention to how our climate is changing. Our world is getting hotter, drier and wetter and the weather is a big part of this. And as much as rain, sun and snow is an important part of the weather, so are meteorites.

In my opinion Campo del Cielo will be one of the greatest pieces of art in The Lowry’s forthcoming exhibition ‘Syzygy,’ and I can’t wait to see it in person.

Syzygy is a major solo exhibition by Katie Paterson featuring two new commissions by The Lowry. The exhibition runs from Fri 29 April – Sun 17 July.

Written by Rachel Wrigley