10 things you didn’t know about L.S Lowry

LS Lowry in his living room at The Elms. Photograph by Crispin Eurich © 'The First' Gallery, Southampton
LS Lowry in his living room at The Elms. Photograph by Denis Thorpe ©

LS Lowry is one of the UK’s most celebrated artists. But did you know these top 10 fascinating facts?

1.Lowry was a collector of other artists work including Dante Gabriel Rosetti, Lucian Freud and Jacob Epstein.

2.Lowry works as a full-time rent collector from 1910 to 1952 and painted in his spare time.

3.Lowry painted more than just industrial scenes. Including the sea, portraits and crowds.

The Cripples
LS Lowry – The Cripples

4.Lowry died of pneumonia six months before a major retrospective of his work at the Royal Academy. By the time the exhibition closed it had achieved record visitor numbers for an exhibition by a British artist.

5. After his retirement Lowry regularly attended opera, ballet and drama.

6.His initial drawings were made outdoors, on the spot (often rough sketches on the back of an envelope or whatever scrap of paper was to hand).


LS Lowry - South Shields Sketch - 1963
L.S Lowry – South Shields sketch – 1963

7.His favourite drink was Orange Squash.

8.Lowry was appointed as an official war artist by the War Artists Advisory Committee.

9.Lowry loved drawing dogs but never really owned one.

10.Lowry concentrated on five different colours of oil paint in his work; ivory black, vermillion, Prussian blue, yellow ochre and flake white.

Man Lying on a Wall
LS Lowry – Man Lying a Wall