Joining The Week 53 Team

Hello! I’m Adam, and here’s a face to put to the voice you’ll be hearing in your head as you read my contributions to Week 53 as it unfolds on this blog.

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In a festival that explores our relationship with place, I have found my own place as a part of the team covering this innovative enterprise as it will unfold over the next eleven days. Week 53 brings over 200 international artists to Salford to perform, exhibit, and entertain – and during this time I’ll be helping to bring the latest reactions to the social media and keep you, the reader, clued in with looks from behind the scenes and around the corners you wouldn’t normally look around.

The festival kicks off in style tomorrow with drinks and an introduction by the artists to their projects. This will give the public an insight in the artist’s own words as to what we can expect to see from them during the festival.

Katie Paterson talks ‘Syzygy’, illuminating ideas behind her work that explore cosmology, nature and geology. We hear all about ‘30 Days of The Smiths’ from sound artist Oberman Knocks and poet Jackie Kay and learn about their project with the band so closely linked with Manchester and Salford. We’ll get a glimpse into the project that sees one hundred of Salford’s own people come together to show what really makes Salford tick in Una McEvitt and Jenny Doherty’s ‘100% Salford’.

With this, as well as introductions to ‘Last Resort’ and ‘Clod Ensemble’ its sure to be a busy day!


Week 53 prides itself on being different, and the usual limitations that keep an audience from peeking behind the scenes are thrown out of the window to allow an ‘all access’ vibe to flow from the artists to the audience. The Dock makes use of the space ordinarily kept away from public eyes, and opens up to the public as a bar, a theatre, and a space to soak in the theatrical atmosphere of the festival.

I’ll be live streaming a tour through the spaces in the building, with artist David Shearing as our guide in the introduction to The Dock area. With this being the first time the festival has taken over the building, we’re not entirely sure what will happen every step of the way, and it is my job to bring our exploration of the experience along the way, to you, and pick the brains of the audience that witness it all first hand.


Later in the evening ‘Syzygy’ will be fully unveiled and the public will have their say on the project which promises to provoke an opinion. After this, the party gets into full swing and the curtain is officially raised on Week 53.

Expect the unexpected, and prepare for the creative premier of a week unlike any in The Lowry’s history.

Written by Adam Brabbin