Last Night, In Two Halves

Before anybody had taken so much as a peek on to the stage of the Lyric theatre last night, the word around town was that not all would be as straightforward as a standard night at the theatre. People didn’t know what to expect, but they knew to expect the unexpected. The Clod Ensemble’s magnificent visual performance, An Anatomie in Four Quarters, was about to put on it’s first show on this, the opening night of the Week 53 festival here at The Lowry.

Speaking to the audience before the show, there was a sense of intrigue and a few puzzled faces as they tried to imagine just how the evening show would unfold.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 20.45.11.png

“I don’t know very much about it”, admitted one audience member, “but I understand it’s about doing something outside of The Lowry’s usual programming”. Other pre-show comments ranged from “I’m excited to see how it pans out” – to – “I’m just along for the ride”!

As people mingled in the bar, waiting for the call to the stage door, they passed around a few theories of their own based on snippets of the show they had seen, or images they’d observed on theatre flyers. Those in the know kept their lips tightly buttoned, refusing to give away any single detail that might ruin the experience or lessen the shock of the performance.

An announcement took the audience to their positions, and I waited behind with baited breath for their reaction…


… “I’m absolutely gobsmacked!”
“Joyful, beautiful, astonishing, staggering!”

The praise was falling out of the audience’s collective mouth so fast I couldn’t catch it all! Jaws were hanging noticeably slacker than before, and the room was buzzing was excitement for the performance they had all just seen.

The reviews amongst the journalists present on this opening night were equally enthusiastic about what they had witnessed;

thereviewshub account of the show stated, “An Anatomie in Four Quarters is performed for an audience of 200, and this is where this show makes the transition from theatre performance to remarkable theatre experience” … the review went on to say,
As a piece of dance An Anatomie is perfectly rewarding. The choreography is effortlessly-performed classically-rooted contemporary dance for an impressive company of ten: elegant, precise, innovative, exciting.

The show continues tonight and tomorrow with two shows each night, and word has certainly been spread about the quality of the work on display here during Week 53, with crowds flooding through the doors to see what all the fuss is about!

It should be an exciting week to come, and with An Anatomie setting the tone we’re expecting many more satisfied customers walking through the doors.

Tickets can be bought for the Saturday performance on the Week 53 Festival page

Written by Adam Brabbin