A look ahead…

In the spirit of doing something different, I thought it might be nice to glance forwards to the week ahead rather than sticking to my customary review of the days action.

The bank holiday Monday is an excellent opportunity for anybody who has yet to see Syzygy in the gallery to pop along and see Katie Paterson’s latest project, exploring our place in the universe. Also tomorrow (and today in fact, but we’re not dwelling on the present in this blog today) is the production Three Little Pigs; a show that’s great for ages 2 and up!
This is a good chance for children to get a taste of the Week 53 experience, and provides them the opportunity to be able to tell their grandchildren in years to come when history looks back on the birth of the festival; “I was there, man!”.
Three Little Pigs centres around puppetry, music, comedy and thrills, and has three showings on Monday, so need to to huff and puff – we’ll let you straight in.

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 17.43.20.png

Another highlight of the upcoming week is Akram Khan’s latest work, Chotto Desh. The show has been adapted from the original, and much-loved, Desh – and now this production is aimed towards children and their families. Chotto Desh, means ‘small homeland’, and it’s a wonderful example of Khan’s unique quality of cross-cultural storytelling.
It follows the story of a young man’s dreams and memories from Britain to Bangladesh and is something that has a lot of buzz around it amongst the staff here at The Lowry.

Eddie Izzard brings his comedy show, Force Majeure, to the Aldridge Studio on Friday which he will be performing in German, French and English. But don’t worry! Not all at once.
The three separate shows (each at one hour intervals) will be performed by Izzard entirely in one of the three languages. Personally I’d plump for English, but only because my grasp of German is nicht zu gut – and my French?! Zut alors!

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 17.42.34

It promises to be another exciting week here at the Week 53 festival, with other notable events such as 100% Salford sure to hit the mark, and the much anticipated House Party still to come.

Oh, and I couldn’t really make it this far without reflecting on something – so make sure to keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for the interviews I’ve been conducting with The Lowry staff earlier today, reflecting on their experience of the festival so far! Call me nothing if not consistent.

Written by Adam Brabbin