So no one told you life was gonna be this way

Its been twelve years since Friends left our screens. TWELVE! And while we’ve all had plenty of time to mourn the loss of the popular American sitcom, Molly Vevers has been exploring the relationship of a couple named Ross and Rachel.

Molly Vevers plays both Ross AND Rachel in the multi-award winning play Ross & Rachel. In this blog she talks us through the Edinburgh favourite’s successful journey so far and what it’s like to play two characters in a monologue. The show comes to The Studio at The Lowry Thu 30 June.

Ross & Rachel is a dark and very honest play about a relationship – a man and a woman who have been together for such a long time that they come as a package. It’s a play for one performer so I play both of the characters. It looks at our expectations of relationships, and how people struggle to hold onto their own identities whilst at the same time still wanting to be that ‘perfect couple’. It riffs on popular culture and uses it as a springboard to investigate and unpick that idea of that couple that everybody wanted to get together and – crucially – stay together.


It’s written by James Fritz, an incredibly exciting writer, and directed by the very talented Thomas Martin. Alongside the producer Andrew Hughes, they have been working on the play for about two years so it is a real labour of love. I auditioned for the play this time last year, and straightaway felt like it was something special and unlike anything else I’d ever read.


We premiered the show in Edinburgh last year and were all so chuffed that the show was well received. We’re thrilled to be bringing it back and putting it in front of more audiences. We were lucky enough to take the show over to New York in May as part of Brits Off Broadway 2016 and are touring to loads of exciting venues in the UK – The Lowry being a particular highlight!


It’s great getting the chance to tour the show now and try it in different spaces and venues. You really do get a different ‘vibe’ from every audience – the audience feel a bit like the other actors as there’s lots of direct address and it’s great getting to interact so directly with them.


I’d never worked on a one-person show before, and the form of it being one monologue with two characters speaking means there’s loads of work to do for an actor – in a good way! It also requires a huge amount of emotional investment, so sussing out how to do that for each and every performance is a challenge as well.

Written by Molly Vevers, Actor.

Ross & Rachel comes to The Studio at The Lowry Thu 30 June, 8pm. For more information on the show visit the website or call box office on 0843 208 6000.