The Power of Cats….on social media! #SMDay

I would like to talk to you about cats. Cats are intelligent, they know stuff, they’re full of wisdom and they know how to do social. Behold the cat meme!

If you follow @The_Lowry (shameless plug – not pug) you may have noticed that The Lowry has adopted cats to talk to you on Twitter.

As an arts organisation, business and registered charity – we use cats in our lives to deliver those important messages and of course to engage with our followers, cheer them up, make them laugh, (get ‘em to buy a ticket!).

Wishing our tweeters a lovely day:


When the website goes down:


And when it’s back up and running:


When you return to work after a bank holiday:


When (I) need a coffee! (And stat!)


When the weather’s bit rubbish:

And of course – when the Opera is in!


There’s so many inspiring cats out there that it’s hard to include them all, but it’s safe to say they’re a powerful tool in my social media strategy!

Because we are a diverse organisation, I do tweet pictures of pigs, dogs, rabbits, and giraffes – but cats seem to be everyone’s favourite.

If you commute through the City Centre, you may have seen some cats checking you out back in May on the digital display screens. The cat-mazing success of the cat meme inspired some of the marketing materials for our first multi arts festival #Week53. #Proud.


This one was my personal favourite:


Oh FYI. (In real life I prefer Dogs. Lol.)


Happy #SMDay peeps!


Written by Tori Moore, Digital Communications Executive at The Lowry.