Chance to develop new performance at The Lowry


We are very excited to announce that, after a hugely successful debut back in July, Shoots, our Studio Members scratch night, is returning to the Studio next month where another four performers/companies will be given the chance to develop and present original work.

‘Shoots’ is an evening dedicated to the development of ideas, projects which might one day turn into fully formed pieces and go on to conquer the world, but which for now are stuck floating around in your creative ethers, trying to find an audience. It’s about throwing an idea at the wall and seeing if it sticks, it’s about now rather than never, it’s about the spit, without the polish.

Four performers/companies will be given a 15 minute slot to present their piece in the Lowry’s Aldridge Studio on the evening of Monday 14 November. They will also receive £200 seed funding per piece from the Lowry to help them along the way in developing their piece.

The event will be open to the public, with tickets sold at approximately £3, with ticket income being fed back into the Studio Members programme so we can continue to offer you these great opportunities.

Things for applicants to consider:

  • Pieces must be technically very simple – each group will have a one-hour technical rehearsal on the day of the event, so anything beyond basic ‘press go’ sound and lighting cues is probably unachievable in that time. No flaming pyrotechnics please.
  • Pieces will be performed on a bare stage – there will be a five minute changeover between pieces on the night, therefore you will need to be able to easily set up and clear the stage in that time. No flaming Ferris wheels please.
  • Technical rehearsals will take place the afternoon of Monday 14 November – all performers will need to be available then as well as for the evening performance. No flaming latecomers please.

Other than that, there are no restrictions on what you present – just take your best idea and throw it our way. To apply, please send a 500 word description of the piece you’d like to scratch plus a biog to, by 5pm Friday 21 October. 

Applications are open to Studio Members only, but if you’re not already part of the scheme but want to apply to Shoots, check out our Studio Members page here to see if you are eligible to join.

Signing up only takes a few minutes, but might take us some time to process, so if you are a new Studio Member, please make this clear in the email with your application.