‘Who Cares?’: An insight from Young Carer Paige

paigeMy name is Paige, I’m 23 years old and I’m a young adult carer in Salford, I’ve been part of the young carers service since 2003. For the past five years the Salford Carers Service has had the amazing opportunity to work alongside The Lowry Theatre on various different projects, to help raise awareness and ease the issues faced by young people with caring responsibilities.

This year the project has been the biggest yet! For the past year 4 young carers have been working with Matt, a playwright to develop a piece of verbatim theatre on the lives of young carers and the typical issues they may face.

Being interviewed about how I became a young carer and about how my life has changed as well as the opportunities I have been given, was quite strange. At times it was quite emotional and explosive but even I learnt things about other young carers lives that I didn’t know and we all had lots of fun.

The process has been different to previous interviews as it has delved deeper into the emotions and relationships of caring for somebody (its made us all really think). For me this process has taught me a lot about the relationship with my dad and my brother while I was growing up and how that has developed and got stronger. I also learnt about a lot of skills I hadn’t realised I had gained from being a young carer and working with the service and the Lowry.

Overall it has been a really positive experience – I’ve gained friends, feel more confident about my situation and I’m so thankful I’ve been a part of the production that will hopefully educate people about young carers. If this production causes a spark in just one person’s mind about how they can make lives a little bit easier for a carer, then the last year of tears, laughter and hard work has all been worth it.

Written by Paige, one of Salford’s Young Carers.