Backstage at The Lowry: Rachel Wrigley, Communications Assistant


Being able to say that the award-winning playwright Simon Stephens (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time) congratulated you on your successful application to a job can only be a good thing right? And surely this should have been a sign of things to come?

My role at The Lowry is in the press team as communications assistant and nothing could have prepared me for the whirlwind that I was about to encounter.

Over the last two years I have done some pretty unusual and fabulous things. Like escorting a WICKED broom to the airport for a photoshoot, meeting Gary Barlow and shaking his hand (my sister was so jealous), taking a granny for a swim in the quays #GangstaGranny and going on trips to London to watch Britain’s national dance company Rambert.

It’s not all glitter and sparkle though, there is some ‘real’ work involved. I promote The Lowry’s artistic development schemes to regional press; book in reviewers and organize big glitzy red carpet press nights. I analyse every single piece of coverage that talks about The Lowry, work on PR campaigns contributing to £3.6m AVE for 2016 and look after this blog. Yep, that’s me who posts all the stories on here. And lots of other stuff too.

You’ll often see my face on The Lowry’s social media and have been known to eliminate contenders in hula hooping competitions, yoga and dance poses as well as festive frivolities. You’re also looking at the person who is responsible for the name ‘Week 53.’ Although my manager will contest that he came up with half of it.

Most people won’t know that The Lowry is actually a charity working in the local community. The venue has a Youth Employability Skills scheme and I’ve been fortunate to introduce young people to the world of comms (both old school and digital).

I’m from a visual arts background and since graduating from UAL: Wimbledon College of Art I’ve Co-Directed PAPER, interned at the Bluecoat and exhibited my artwork across the UK & internationally.

LS Lowry is one of the very first artists that I was introduced to as a child. As a fine art fanatic, to work at the place which hosts the world’s largest collection of his work is inspiring. Having the LS Lowry archives at the tips of my fingers (which can be seen by members of the public too) is a luxury that I will never forget.

And working at The Lowry is exactly that… a luxury. Countless times I’ve been fortunate enough to watch world premiere’s, get behind the scenes or meet the artists and producers. Real money can’t buy experiences.

My ‘in’ at The Lowry was in the venue’s dedicated hospitality team working in the restaurant. Hop skipping it in to the press team within three months, I said hasta la vista to pouring wine … or so I thought, cue press night hosting. But so much has to be said for entry level jobs like this, and I’m so happy it’s been at The Lowry.

I’ve met some amazing people along the way, journalists, performers, artists, colleagues and young people. Working at The Lowry is amazing and the role of communications assistant is truly something special.

May the adventures continue…