QuickFire Q&A with Massive Owl Theatre


Massive Owl Theatre are a collaborative performance company, based in Bristol, who make cinematic work that sits between theatre and live art. They tell stories and in the process challenge how a story can look, sound and feel.  They have previously presented work in Greater Manchester at been presented in Manchester FLARE International Festival of New Theatre, Z Arts Centre, Word of Warning’s Emergency, Assemble @ Antwerp Mansions and Create Festival at Media City for Salford University.

They will present Castle Rock on Wed 25 Jan, 8pm as part of The Lowry’s Pay What You Decide season. Castle Rock is a new story inspired by three of the voiceless characters in Stephen King’s novella The Body and its 1986 cult film adaptation, Stand By Me. Expect distorted sound, movement and projection as Massive Owl contort the book’s characters and twist the film’s soundtrack into a reimagined story about loss and acceptance.

Here Danny Prosser tells us more about their inspirations, most exciting moments and favourite post-show drink in a quick-fire Q&A.

Favorite Author

Haruki Murakami! A company favourite and the author of Dance Dance Dance, the book that will inspire our next show The Dolphin Hotel (working title).

Most exciting moment for Massive Owl so far?

At the Barbican Centre! Working on Castle Rock. during a career fulfilling residency, six floors directly below Benedict Cumberbatch rehearsing Hamlet.

Favourite post show drink

Beer! Castle Rock is a rather physical show, a cold beer after goes down a treat.

Best song to sing to when you’re sad

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now by Starship! We turned this up, belted it out and danced our socks off to it after receving some rather disappointing funding news, while working on the show in Dublin. Here’s the evidence: https://www.facebook.com/pg/massiveowl/videos/

Best song to sing to when you’re happy

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now by Starship (lol)! Jenny and Danny did this for karaoke during the Mayfest closing party, last year. We were very happy!

Greatest inspiration

David Lynch! We are hugely inspired by films and the language of film, especially the work of David Lynch.

Massive Owl’s USP.

Watching a Massive Owl show is like watching a movie on stage!

Castle Rock in 3 words.

Touching, charming and hypnotic.

Favourite Character in Stephen King’s The Body

Vern Tessio! We have a soft spot for Vern, he is always the butt of the joke and, I guess, we feel sorry for him, while at the same time finding him pretty funny too.