Digital Art. What is it?

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Marshmallow Laser Feast

The Lowry recognises that 21st century technology is being applied by artists to create truly stunning artworks and performances. As a major UK centre for art we are a gateway for audiences to see and enjoy digital art from across the globe.

My role as digital programmer is to seek out and bring this work to The Lowry for audiences to enjoy. This takes me to festivals and events that sit outside of mainstream publicity, as part of our aim is to make it as easy as possible for the public to see the best that there is in contemporary art.

Digital art may seem abstract and unfamiliar but in reality it sits very comfortably in the mainstream of experiencing high quality art that inspires us to think beyond the everyday. It sits at the edges of where art meets digital technology. Many of us carry around a small computer with us in the form of a smartphone with digital being part of how we interact. Artists are taking these tools and applying them to ideas around performance and visual art – just as artists have through the centuries always used the latest technology and applied it to creating great works of art. Prepare to be amazed.

Scanner Live at Multiplicidade Rio (3)

This season we have two such artists creating sophisticated, inspiring and beautiful Digital Art:

UK sound artist and visual innovator SCANNER will be performing in our Studio theatre. Since 1991 he has been intensely active in sonic art, producing concerts, installations and recordings, creating works hailed by critics as innovative and inspirational works of contemporary electronic music. For The Lowry he presents a unique body of work on screen, scored live, featuring his evocative, poetic and intimate vision.

UK artists MARSHMALLOW LASER FEAST have a pedigree of international large-scale art commissions and commercial work that truly stretches innovation and imagination. The Lowry has commissioned a unique light artwork by them created using robotics and lasers, to be magically suspended above audiences in the Lyric. The scale and vision of this artwork will be something for all to enjoy and behold.

Written by Lucy Dusgate, programmer digital at The Lowry.

For more information on Scanner: How to Make Art from life click here. For more information on Marshmallow Laser Feast: IRIS click here. Alternatively call box office on 0843 208 6000.