Understanding ADHD with Art with Heart

The Lowry Associate Artists Art with Heart have teamed up with illustrator Caroline Kee to help us understand what it means to live with ADHD.

Art with Heart’s latest show Declaration is a warm, funny and candid exploration of Sarah Emmott’s own experience of seeking a diagnosis for adult ADHD using comedy, storytelling and honest conversations with the audience.

“You never know what happens behind closed doors so I want to open mine, invite you in with a warm welcome and declare that I’m not ok, with hope that we might be able to talk about it together.” Sarah Emmott.

Tickets for the show: po.st/CaoGML

ADD is more complicated than most people thinkCarolineKee-ADD-Image-2CarolineKee-Add-Image-1

And, okay yes, your train of thought as you tell a story can get a little confusing for others


You can’t always choose what your mind decides to focus on




Sure “zoning out” happens, but you’re not just being spacey




Going to bed can be a struggle…




Sometimes it just feels nice to be understood


Declaration will be performed at The Lowry’s Aldridge Studio on Sat 24 June at 8pm.