Family and Silver Patrons on why they named a seat in our Lyric Theatre


As a family, we love live theatre and music and will generally attend one event a week.

My husband Nick & I met on stage at a joint school production 30 years ago and moved to Altrincham in 1999. Our son Owen was born in 2000 and The Lowry opened shortly after – we’ve been visiting ever since at least once a month!

What do you buy someone of a certain age, when they’ve got all they need and you’ve been together so long you need new ideas? Buying each other activities or experiences seems like the most useful and enjoyable gift you can give.

Naming a Seat for the family seemed an ideal present for Nick this past Christmas! We always try to book ‘our seat’ and seeing our names there makes it our favourite place within the theatre! There’s also something quite special knowing that it will be there for years to come.

Nick in return made me a Silver Patron this Christmas. The scheme includes a number of complimentary theatre tickets, invitations to exclusive events, use of the VIP Quay Club lounge plus many more extra special benefits. The patronage scheme made for a different and unusual gift and truly compliments our love of the theatre. Neither of us knew what the other had bought so opening the envelopes on Christmas Day was very amusing!

We have seen shows we perhaps wouldn’t necessarily have booked, been invited to events we wouldn’t normally have had the chance to attend and have met some of the loveliest people who organise these events.

All this whilst supporting the Lowry who are dependent on contributions to continue their work in supporting and developing talent with young people in the Salford community.

It’s good to be able to give something back but it’s also so much more than just a donation!

Written by our Silver Patron Lucy Meikle-Williams. If you’re interested in supporting us here at The Lowry, or would like to name a seat for yourself or a loved one, click here to find out more information.