Three shows to make you go ‘oooh’ this September.

Regulars visitors to The Lowry will know that we often like to mix things up a bit and put on something a bit different. This September our programming team have highlighted three shows from circus, musicals and drama that will make you go ‘oooh.’



Fauna | Thu 21 & Fri 22 September.

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“I saw a lot of contemporary circus in Edinburgh this year and most of it was really good. One of the highlights however was Fauna, a mixed group of acrobats and aerialists from five different countries but currently based in Sweden. The show had a great flow and narrative looking loosely at the way human behaviour reflects animal behaviour. The individual routines are brilliant. The show also has a fantastic soundtrack played live by a musician at the back of the stage. This company has awe-inspiring skills and the tumbling and aerialism is exceptionally good. The show is suitable for all ages and you can see why it won the Jackson’s Lane/Total Theatre Award for the best circus show on the Fringe this year…” Steve Cowton, head of theatre operations.

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No Miracles Here | Wed 20 – Fri 22 September


“I loved No Miracles Here at Edinburgh this year. The Letter Room make such exciting shows, filled with hope and joy, and this is jam-packed with great tunes and a pulsating rhythm throughout. You want to get up and join in the dance marathon onstage. If you love a good musical, this is for you. If you love a good, honest story with a bit of depth and a lot of heart, this is for you. If you love great performers playing lots of instruments live on stage, this is for you. Basically, this is for you…” Matthew Eames theatres programmer and producer.

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Team Viking | Thu 28 September


“Team Viking is surprising in many ways. It takes what could be a maudlin subject and story, a best friend’s funeral request, and makes it the most heart-lifting, human experience without ever drifting towards sentimentality. One critic said, ‘You will laugh. You will laugh a lot. And you may shed a tear too’. Spot on. It’s a funny, moving story beautifully told by James Rowland. Bring everyone you know and love and share in this together. If you liked Every Brilliant Thing (which James also now performs), you will love this.” Matthew Eames theatres programmer and producer.

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