Igor and Moreno: Developed With The Lowry


This year has been an incredible whirlwind, and we are still catching our breath.

It’s quite hard to believe how quickly it has gone so far. But of course the whole journey to premiering our new show Andante at The Lowry has been much longer than this year alone.

We started our journey with The Lowry in 2014 with our debut show ‘Idiot-Syncrasy,’ followed by ‘A Room For All Our Tomorrows’ in 2016.

At the start of 2017 we were delighted to be invited to be the first dance company enlisted onto The Lowry’s ‘Developed With’ scheme. A huge honour and we are still pinching ourselves!

What has followed has been a waterfall of thoughts, provocations, opportunities, and a new way of thinking about our professional development as artists that is completely fresh, lateral and beyond what we could have imagined.

In one of our first sessions with The Lowry team we quite openly laid everything on the table. With a sense of positive trepidation, we shared some of our wildest hopes and dreams.

The sense that any question at any time is OK has been radical and is a real testament to the genuine care that the whole team at the Salford venue has for supporting and developing artists and art.

From help with marketing, communications, visual arts, producing, technical and more… So often doing professional development can feel like our minds are overflowing with theory, but our experience so far has been wildly balanced with a strong sense of being rooted in reality.

This year has been our most ambitious to date for a number of reasons. Andante is the biggest and most technically challenging work we have created and while our heads are stuck in producing the show, we have enlisted the support of a producer and a press manager for the first time. All this because of the guidance received from The Lowry team.

Producing a new piece of work and touring existing work internationally is hard and we wouldn’t have been able to do this without the support of The Lowry and others.

In all honesty, so much of our professional and artistic development has focused around the show so far this year, despite the glimmers of developing tracts in other areas. But the team has been encouraging and patient and kind with us; they continue to push us and we are grateful of this.

What we know for sure is that the next few weeks leading up to the premiere of ‘Andante’ are going to be big, but the weeks that follow it are going to be bigger.

Guest blog written by Igor, Moreno and Sarah.