Face the music and dance with Kate O’Donnell.


Ginger Rogers famously said. “I did everything Fred did only backwards and in heels.” For me this was what transitioning felt like in 2003, doing everything women do only backward and sometimes in heels.  I decided to set my show in the 1930s to stress how backward things were for trans people. 14 years ago.

Music from the 1930s era was very empowering. It’s mission was to try and help people through the depression and motivate them. Choosing  “Let’s Face The Music And Dance” (taken from the 1936 Fred and Ginger musical comedy ‘Follow The Fleet’) had the same aim to empower and motivate trans people in what can be difficult times still.

Fast forward to today and we have moved on that’s clear, but there is more to be done. In the show ‘You’ve Changed’ I transition from Fred to Ginger. Which is no mean feat. And decided to end the show with a reconstruction of one of their dance routines as a challenge to me, and to help the audience celebrate and leave the show on a high.

Written by Kate O’Donnell.

Kate O’Donnell performs at The Lowry in ‘You’ve Changed’ Fri 10 & Sat 11 Nov 2017. For more info and to buy tickets visit the website or call box office on 0843 208 6000.

‘You’ve Changed is co-produced by Trans Creative and Contact Theatre in Manchester. Trans Creative is led by Kate O’Donnell and supported by Arts Council England’s Elevate Fund. The company is a pioneering new transgender-led theatre company, which aims to increase the visibility and positive representation of transgender people and stories through excellent art, advocacy and education.