Holly’s letter to Father Christmas


Dear Father Christmas,

You might not know me, I’ve never written to you before but my name is Holly Christmas…I wonder if we are related? Do you prefer to be called Santa, or Chris Cringle, or Father Christmas?

My Dad’s surname is Christmas too, so I suppose technically that makes him my Father Christmas but he is nothing like you, in fact, my Dad hates Christmas!

I know it’s a busy time of year for you and I promise I won’t take up much of your time but I need your help!

Every year the Christmas spirit in our house gets smaller and smaller, the decorations get less and less and now I’m worried that this year, the festive cheer won’t find our house at all!

I think what we need is more Christmas spirit, but what does it look like? How big is it?

Maybe it can sneak through the crack under the door or drip in through the hole in the roof.

Maybe I can make a trap to catch it as it blows down the chimney! Dad might not notice if I keep it hidden away and then I can sprinkle it around the house whilst he’s not looking. Can you sprinkle Christmas Spirit…or do you spread it…or smear it…or spray it?

Every year not only does our Christmas get smaller and smaller but my Dad gets grumpier and grumpier…I just wish I could cheer him up. I’ve tried everything but he never smiles or laughs or jokes and I think he has forgotten how to have fun altogether.

If I could find a way to bring Christmas back into our house and show Dad what he is missing out on maybe that would turn his frown upside-down!

I don’t think I can do it on my own and it’s just me and Dad in this big old, cold, grey, creaky house. I need your help Father Christmas…or maybe you can send a really, super-duper-Christmassy-helpy-helper to help me?

If you can work your Christmas magic and find a way to help me then I promise I will be really extra good and well behaved for Dad. I will read all the boring books he wants, I won’t talk with my mouth full and I will even try walking at a normal speed instead of whizzing around the house. I won’t jump on my bed and I won’t stand on my chair…I will keep two feet on the floor at all times…unless it’s a special occasion.

And just for you Father Christmas, if you can help me, I will do my best to keep the Christmas spirit alive all year round! I’ll bake mince pies in May, I’ll sing carols in August and I’ll wrap absolutely everything in TINSEL!

So please please please Father Christmas, can you help me?

Lots of love,

Holly Christmas


‘The Extraordinary Tales of Holly Christmas’ is commissioned by The Lowry and premieres at the Salford venue Wed 20 – Sun 24 December & Wed 27 – Sun 31 December. For more information visit the website or call box office on 0843 208 6000.

Colour The Clouds Theatre Company have been making work for children and families for four years.  Their first show, ‘Billy, The Monster and ME!’ scooped the audience voted ‘best production’ award at the 2013 24:7 Theatre Festival.  This show was followed by ‘Maggie and the Song of the Sea’ which was programmed by Paines Plough Roundabout in 2015, and ‘Aleena’s Garden’ which has toured nationally throughout 2017. The team are delighted to be Associate Artists at The Lowry, and are very excited to be working on The Lowry commissioned ‘The Extraordinary Tale of Holly Christmas’.