Q&A with Dance:Sampled’s The Headwrap Diaries


We spoke to Shanelle Clemson from The Headwrap Diaries ahead of them performing  colourful fusion of African and Club Style dance at Dance:Sampled on Saturday 17th February at The Lowry!

 1. How long have you been dancing? What made you start?

I have been dancing for many years. But I’d say professionally since I was 18. What made me start dancing was my love for music and the way it made me feel. Dancing/movement was my natural response. Growing up I was really shy, and dance helped me to really express myself. Also Michael Jackson is one of my biggest inspirations and once I saw his movie Moonwalker, I was sold. 

2. What do you love about dancing and watching dance?

I love the way it makes me feel. I could be having the worst day but when I dance I forget all my troubles and put all that energy into movement. I love the different styles and techniques. Also, the fact that you can communicate without words and by just moving your body.

Watching dance makes me feel so inspired. Whether it be in class, rehearsals, a movie, music video, or going to watch a performance I love to watch the dancers, the choreography, the costumes, overall the full production.

3. Who or what inspires you?

Life, music, movies, colours, pictures, places, myself, my Mum, my fellow artistic peers.

4. What is your greatest achievement to date?

I have many moments, but I think ultimately my greatest achievement is loving, living and learning to appreciate this skin and body that I’m in. It’s got me where I am today and for that I am beyond thankful.

Dance:Sampled is a celebration of dance in all its forms, showcasing the very best of international dance talent in enticing bitesize performances.

Watch the show and join in, with a day jam-packed full of dance activities for all ages. Tickets and more information can be found here.