Exploring Dance: Sampled – How to plan your day on Saturday 17th Feb

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With so many exciting styles of dance to taste at Dance: Sampled this year this event drew my attention as a dancer. However with so many dance varieties on offer it’s a perfect event for complete newbies too. I’m looking at planning my day ahead to make sure I make the most of the workshops! Here’s how I’ll be planning my day…

If you are like me and an early riser, I’ll be there in time for the first workshop with a full English breakfast already in my belly.

11:00am – Tap-Beginners Taster Session (Pier Eight Rooms)

As a fairly basic tapper I would still never miss an opportunity to go back to the basics and polish my tap skills. An introduction session is a perfect chance to experience all the fun of Tap without any pressure of being a professional. This lively, playful class will help me work on my musicality leaning new playful steps and sequences.  And, if you are completely new to the style, yes it is as fun as it looks.

From 12:00pm The Body of Us (around the building)

A big hit from last year the ‘Body of Us’ is back at Dance: Sampled and I am going to keep an eye out for the trail around the building, making sure between workshops I have time to take part in a few fun moments of meeting and sharing a moment of dance with someone.

12:15pm: Flamenco Taster session (Quays Bar)

I am always looking at experiencing new styles and the closest I’ve probably ever been to Flamenco is watching it in awe on ‘Strictly’. Partner work is fairly new to me so it would be interesting to see how I would get on with building up a routine in the class, trying not to tread on anyone’s toes (literally) and live music within a workshop is always a special luxury.

If you’re off to the matinee now is a good time to refuel at Pier Eight but I’m going straight through to….

1:15: Zoonation (Pier Eight Rooms)

If you aren’t watching the matinee show then I would definitely recommend you get to the workshop with Zoonation’s Carrie- Anne Ingrouille who choreographed ‘Hamilton’ on the West End’!  Working with a Hip Hop skill set her class will show this can lead to the production of narrative work.  Anything that sounds like creating a plot for the movie ‘Step Up’ and the allure of a West End star is all too much for me.

12pm – 4pm: Circus Drop-In Sessions (Galleries)

Anything with the word ‘Circus’ in promises to be filled with laughter, surprise and possibly embarrassment, who doesn’t love that? I am defiantly going to dedicate at least an hour for me to experiencing plate spinning, Juggling and tricks with a diablo which could only end in disaster but will make a great photo/video for Instagram.

From 3:00pm: Improv #10 presented by Northside UK (Pier Eight Rooms)

Being naturally terrified when anyone mentions ‘improvisation’ at University I’m going to step out of my comfort zone and take part (or at least watch) this event that blends live music and experimental dance together. With a range of tasks and challenges it promises to be interesting and unpredictable.

Evening Performance- Lyric theatre

I’m 100% exhausted by this point and ready to sit down and collapse in my seat ready to relax and watch the spectacular performance.

There’s so much going on that I won’t be able to fit everything in! Make sure you check out the list of all the workshops and events on the Lowry website for more inspirarion:  https://www.thelowry.com/events/sampled2


Written by Kelly Stevens – Youth Dance Ambassador