Q&A: A group of young people tell us about their week working with professional artists


Last week a group of young people from The Lowry’s learning and engagement department worked with professional artists on a project that will end in a five week exhibition at the Salford gallery.

The exhibition is titled Edit.02 > thread {} and we interviewed a group of young people about their time working at Islington Mill studios in Salford with the artist collective > thread {}.

So what is the thread project?

Three artists who make artwork using different skills, Vicky make images with glitching, coding and sound, Cheryl is a designer and Sally uses print screens and inks.

Where have you been working?

We have been working in the studios in Islington Mill, we also visited ‘The Archive’ which was Cheryl’s studio, we learnt that Cheryl creates fashion designs and prints for a lot of different companies. One of the young people added; “I really enjoyed touching the prints and the fabrics because some were very old and you could feel connected to the past and the fabric”

What art processes have you used?

Glitch art, this is an image that has been changed or warped by adding sound effects. This was really interesting because you didn’t know how an image would turn out based on the effects you used.

Screen printing was putting inks onto a screen and using a squeegee to push the inks through the fabric underneath. This was really fun because you could move around, mix different colour inks, add different layers of colours and blot them to see the pigment underneath.

We also used coding to create images, I have used Kiddy coding before in The Lowry Galleries for Dance sampled but it was totally different using this coding software. I liked it because one of my friends sat with me and explained what it was and how changing different numbers can create a different image.

Are you excited to be involved in an exhibition?

Yes! It will be exciting to tell people that come to the gallery that we have done the work, and be able to explain the process and what we have done this week. It will be interesting to see all the work together at the end and to hear the feedback of what people think.

The Lowry’s Edit series of gallery projects and collaborations returns Sat 17 March – Sun 22 April with Edit.02 > thread {}, an immersive installation by artists collective > thread {}. The art exhibition will display their innovative quilting processes using coding to digitize human data drawn from a group of Salford young people.

Edit 02: > thread {}
Dates: Sat 17 March – Sun 22 April
Opening times: Sun-Fri, 11am-5pm. Sat, 10am-5pm.
Admission: Free. Donations Welcome.
The Lowry, Pier Eight, Salford Quays, M50 3AZ