The adventure of Flip FabriQue

ATTRAPE MOI - Credit_AlexandreGalliez05

Born from the dream of young circus artists from Quebec, Flip FabriQue has become a staple in the circassian world, both nationally and internationally. Flip FabriQue designs shows that have festive and poetic atmospheres, while performing spectacular acrobatics in authentic theatricality. Our shows create a contagious craze among young and old.  Our troup count 3 creations; Attrape-moi (Catch me), Transit and Feria (formerly Crepuscule)

Our shows are built in the image of our artists. We are inspired by their personality and their experiences. With their acrobatic prowess and their charisma, we transport you to a playful, light, poetic universe, filled with contagious energy and palpable emotions. One of our greatest achievements is to have created our tour shows around an adaptive technical design. This success allows us to bring the magic of the circus to life where it is not always possible. We can therefore offer our services to as many people as possible, in halls of all sizes. Flip FabriQue: the circus made accessible by its simple and flexible logistics, its artistic approach and its ability to please all audiences.

Behind our artistic vision, there is a story of friendship, real and tangible. The emotions transmitted are real and the audience feels them intensely. We act on our own without hiding behind a character. In this way, we come to create real links between the artists on the stage. The autobiographical aspect is paramount: the narrative thread sticks to our lives, follows our experiences, evolves with us. This is how Flip FabriQue aims to reach people: by sharing the public’s experiences, from heart to heart, body to body.

We know how to create large-scale shows while maintaining the warmth and proximity that characterize us, on a human scale to better reach the viewer. Thanks to our outstanding designers, we have the potential to generate an original, high-caliber, tailor-made event. The remarkable success of our latest productions demonstrates our expertise in designing an out-of-the-ordinary attraction that exceeds your expectations.

Actually, we are working on a new creation and the fourth edition of Crepuscule back in Quebec. You can follow our adventure on our social medias like Facebook and Instagram. You can also find us performing in Salford at The Lowry on Tue 3 April.

Guest blog written by Flip FabriQue.

‘Attrape Moi’ (Catch Me) will be at The Lowry on Tue 3 April. For more information and tickets visit the website or call box office on 0843 208 6000.