Stepping Out Into The Light

ITL_3_Credit Scott Graham

One of our Under 26 ambassadors, Lydia, tells us why ‘Into the Light’ is a must-see for her this season…

Hey there,

My first pick from this season’s brochure is a dance piece directed by Frantic Assembly’s Scott Graham and collaboration with Hijinx & Teatro la Ribalta, who are the first professional theatre company in Italy that consists of actors with disabilities. The show is called Into the Light.

I’m really excited about this piece because firstly, it’s Frantic Assembly, but secondly the dancers are so diverse. From international backgrounds, different shapes, sizes and ages. A combination of dancers with learning disabilities and without, the piece showcases the importance of putting yourself out there.

Scott Graham describes the performance as demonstrating the need we have as humans for validation from others. The performance shows the dancers moving in and out of the light, exploring with their bodies and trying to connect with one another through touch. The piece is about being unapologetically yourself, which is something we all should do!
The interesting part about this piece is that the dancers use their mobile phones to shine around the space and on each other. I’m really interested to see how they move around whilst holding phones in their hands, I definitely don’t think I could do that.

The dancers from Teatro La Ribalta want to be judged for what they can create and not their disabilities, this combined with the direction from Scott Graham will create a beautiful piece that you should definitely check out!

Fun Facts
– Frantic Assembly have worked in over 40 countries internationally
– They helped with movement in BAFTA nominated British/American TV series ‘Humans’ (Channel 4)

‘Into The Light’ is in The Lowry’s Quays theatre on Wed 13 March at 8pm.

If you’re a member of The Lowry’s Under 26 scheme you can get tickets for just £5 – find out more here