An interview with Catherine Mayer

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Catherine Mayer is an author and co-founder for the Women’s Equality party. She’s bringing her show FFS to The Lowry next month, a funny, free-wheeling show about soundbite culture in a messy world. Go and see it: For Future’s Sake. And whilst you’re here, check out our interview with her too…

What inspired you to found the Women’s Equality Party?

Nine million UK women choosing not to exercise their hard-won right to vote in Westminster elections, because they couldn’t see themselves or their interests reflected in the existing political parties. And frankly they had a point.


For someone who doesn’t know about this show, give me the elevator speech. What is it about, in a nutshell?

Funny, you’re asking for the elevator pitch and this show is in part a plea not to give in to the forces that in shortening and simplifying what we communicate also polarise and divide us. I’ll also explain why democracy is threatened by pee-proof underwear.


Who’s this show for and why now?

This show is for anyone who’s interested in politics or media or saving the world. Or just wants to play shag, marry, push off a cliff.


What are you looking forward to most? What excites you about taking this show across the country?

The show is quite interactive. I’ll be taking questions, in some places I have special guests too, and I’m inviting the audience to enter a competition for haikus and limericks. My favourite part of any show is not what I say but something unexpected, thought-provoking or hilarious that comes from a guest or the audience.


Give us a little snippet – tell us one of the most interesting or surprising things you cover that always shocks or impresses people.

There are some stories about people I met through work as a journalist, some quite famous, who proved to be quite different to their public images.


What’s the one question people can’t wait to ask you after the show?

Who was the journalist who asked you *that* question?


What can I say to my best friend to make them come with me?

Our friendship is simply the best
So come to the show, FFS
To help save the nation
From polarisation
And win the limerick contest
(See: you and your best friend can definitely do better)


What’s the lasting message? How do you want people to feel / think / do once they leave the auditorium?

I want people to feel entertained, engaged, inspired to make change and convinced of their own powers to do so.


Catherine is here next month with her show ‘FFS’. Get your tickets for the show here.