The ‘Ghost Light’

Ghost Light

Like cultural venues up and down the country last week, The Lowry was forced to close it’s doors- not knowing when they will re-open.

As the team place the venue in a state of hibernation the last on a long ‘to-do’ list was to leave the ‘Ghost Light’ on.

The ‘Ghost Light’ is a single light blub that sits centre stage and remains in place and switched on whilst the theatre is empty.  But where and why did this tradition originate?

There are many wonderful explanations out there about why we have the tradition of the ‘Ghost Light’. Logical reasons that it provides light for those working late and stories about the Ghosts of theatre needing a light to perform by.  OnStage Blog explains all in more detail for those interested here.

For us in this time of uncertainty it’s a symbol the show WILL go on soon.

Watch the curtain fall on, for us, a very different Friday night here.