#Love Lowry – Virtual Tour of LS Lowry Gallery with Smartify

Smartify, often known as “Shazam for art”, is an app that lets people identify works of art by scanning them on their smartphone.  This makes it easier than ever for art lovers to get rapid, on-the-spot information about art works that they are interested in. Our collection at The Lowry proudly sits alongside 2 million artworks from more than 120 venues across the world.

Alongside the ability to scan works of art, Smartify also has audio and visual museum tours that can provide a more indepth look at a theme or some interesting context for a series of artworks. These virtual tours give users the ability to learn about an exhibition from expert speakers, gallery staff and sometimes even the artists themselves!

As people are having to spend more time away from galleries, The Lowry along with Smartify are making a push to continue to give our audiences the experience of falling in love with a work of art. Starting with LS Lowry’s Landscapes of Salford We are developing a series of tours that can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home.