#Love Lowry – The Movement

Movements is a journey into conversations between people whose life has been touched by the transformative power of movement and dance. Through cinematic video dance sequences, we are transported into their thoughts while they describe how dance has changed their perspective and their relationship with their body and mind. 

Bob has been living with Parkinson’s for the last three and a half years. In the beginning, he thought he would never dance again until he met Melanie, a dance artist and somatic movement educator,  He regained his confidence through moving naturally and fluidly. 

Cathy and Theresa attend Move Dance Feel, a project for women affected by cancer. Their experience with cancer has opened new doors in their conscience and movement helps them reconnect with this world and process the change their bodies underwent.

Brian, a Medical student going through his last years of training, has been dedicating some of his busy life to movement and flow with the help of a project called Manup/Restoke. With the support of his dance mentor Clare, he uses dance to release the pressure accumulated by his work environment and talks about how difficult it is for men to express their feelings. 

Nadehn is a dancer and wheelchair user from Cambodia. He came to the UK to dance professionally at the company Stopgap and now lives with his dance partner and friend Cherrie. Hearing Nadehn talking about his relationship with his wheelchair and his childhood in Cambodia is inspiring to anybody with any body type.

“By recording audio only conversations for the main narrative, we were able to get very personal statements from the contributors, bringing the audience closer to their stories.” Dave Bewick, Boca films

Movements was produced by Boca films and Alex Mannion-Jones. Producers Ellie Hunt and Dave Bewick came up with a new approach to the film’s narrative using dialogue from conversations between dancers. They felt like the usual camera interview setup would make the contributors too self-conscious, when the aim was to get close and personal.  

“When we pitched the film we had no idea of how much, just simply moving can change peoples lives. It was a guess. We are all impressed with the result.” Pedro Labanca, Boca Films.

The film is a joint commission by the Lowry, Saddlers Wells, and the Birmingham Hippodrome that will mark the completion of a project with the same name that aimed bring the subject of contemporary dance to a wider audience, changing perspectives on dance and movement.

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