World Class Digital Art by Lucy Dusgate – Digital Art Programmer at The Lowry

Digital Art is a fascinating area of creativity that sees artists using technology to create the very latest in art practice. From performance to the visual arts, in the UK and internationally there are beautiful and powerful imaginings being created for theatres, galleries, public spaces, online and unique locations. I’ve chosen a selection of artworks that demonstrate some world-class examples of Digital Art, including examples we have brought to Lowry audiences in the past few years. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this selection of the weird and wonderful, and demonstrate to you how artists are exploring new ideas using technology. The selection includes; THE STATE OF US exhibition, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Amy Karle, Samuel Kerridge, Daisy Dickenson, Taylor Burch and a look into the secrets of the Catacombes de Paris. Enjoy browsing. Lucy Dusgate – Digital Art Programmer at The Lowry

THE STATE OF US. Mary Shelley wrote in Frankenstein the body is a ‘workshop of filthy creation’ – never has this been truer in the current global digital age. From the grotesque to the wonderful, these 10 international digital artists examined how the body and self are transformed, manipulated, reinvented and reshaped to create a new ‘self’ – for better or worse. I curated this exhibition with a long term interest in science and creativity, and where this may take us. Never has such discussion on this issue been so relevant in the current context.


Unfold.alt by artist Ryoichi Kurokawa. Originally from Japan and now based in Berlin, this exceptional artist will be coming to The Lowry as part of our autumn 2020 theatre programme. He will perform his latest work Subassemblies, but ahead of this we have one of Kurokawa’s previous artworks unfold.alt, a screen installation by the artist. The artist is known for his superb audio and visual quality and of concept and realisation, using a mixture of complex delicate imagery intercut with precise editing and audio movements. This video and his performance for The Lowry in the autumn are excellent examples of an artist who is at the top of his game and an international success.


Feature artist : Amy Karle. American artist Amy was part of our 2019-2020 exhibition THE STATE OF US. We’d encourage you to explore her art further on her website to get a fuller experience of this talented artist an innovator. She was nominated in the BBC Top 100 Women, and listening to her thought process and methods reveals just how far artists have come in harnessing and experimenting with technology advances as they create new ideas. Hear her talk more about her fascinating approach to her work and the theory and techniques, and browse through her artworks on her website to be further impressed.

The Other performed by Samuel Kerridge (Downwards/Contort), Daisy Dickson and Taylor Burch (Tropic of Cancer) – Kerridge collaborated with performer Burch and video artist Daisy Dickenson to bring this contemporary mix of visuals, music and voice to The Lowry’s stage in late 2019. Kerridge is an established artist in the techno music world. Together the trio have created a visual, speech, and sound based performance, immersing Kerridge in Dickenson’s audio reactive/live-mixed visuals, reflecting themes of infinity, depth, and dimension. It created a multi-sensory explosion into the past and future, centring around their critically acclaimed album, an experimental soundscape interacting with Taylors spoken word, with the physical power and presence synonymous with Samuels work. The narrative is more relevant than ever.

CATACOMBES of Paris. This is a simple online virtual tour of a mesmerising cultural treasure. It is an example of how artists are embracing technology to explore ancient culture and artefacts. The virtual tour is simply explored through the tools bar at the bottom of the webpage. I chose this one as for me it is respectful in its distance to the artefacts, and yet gives each of us an up-close experience of a dramatic sight that most of us would never have the privilege to see in real life.

Deep Web : artists Robert Henke and Christopher Bauder. Deep Web is a monumental immersive audio-visual installation and live performance created by light artist Christopher Bauder and composer and musician Robert Henke, commissioned by Festival of Lights Lyon. Presented in enormous pitch dark indoor spaces, Deep Web plunges the audience into a ballet of iridescent kinetic light and surround sound. A truly stunning installation that has since gone on to tour across Europe. The Lowry first worked with Robert Henke when he presented his laser installation Destructive Observation Field as part of our THE STATE OF US exhibition in 2016. We love the artists’ work and Deep Web shows just how successful a collaboration can be between two world-class creative innovators.


Interferences : Alexis Langevin-Tetrault. Canadian artist Alexis combines choreography, music and instrument innovation to surprise us with his dramatic performances. He performed at The Lowry in 2018 when he transported his self-built instrument from Canada to the Lowry for this show. Interference explores the possibilities of embodiment of an electroacoustic work in real time, through gestural interaction and movements with the unique audio-visual device created by the artist. On stage Alexis builds a network of strings with which he interacts to create a soundscape of industrial noise, electronica and acousmatic music.