#BEatHome Festival

(Matt Eames – Senior Programmer/Producer)

The Lowry has a long relationship with the Birmingham-based BE Festival which showcases artists and companies from across Europe. – we regularly host their Best of BE Festival show in our Studio. I first saw the brilliant Jamie Wood in Beating McEnroe at BE Festival so I have very fond memories.

This year they are taking the festival online and have a brilliant programme of shows through to next Sat 16 May. On Sunday 10 May alone you can watch 3 different performances and a video recipe (you always eat together onstage at the Birmingham Rep at BE Festival) between 11am and 8pm. I’m particularly looking forward to Stickman by Darragh Mcloughlin where the artist balances a stick on his sternum for between one and six hours. The performance ends when the stick falls!

Find out more about the festival, here.