Creative Team Takeover: Dance (Eckhard Thiemann)

(By Eckhard Thiemann – Programming Associate – Dance )


Candoco – The Lost Thing:

Candoco is a real regular at The Lowry, bringing to us exciting dance performed by abled and disabled dancers.They are already scheduled to return in 2021.  Last year they collaborated with Royal Opera for a wonderful family-production The Lost Thing. Discover a wonderful strange but also lonely object in search of a home and acceptance. What is it… and where does it belong? The discovery of something mysterious and out of place is the starting point for this family show. It is now available on the Royal Opera’s Learning Platform. And what is rally special: it’s not just the full film of the performance, but also plenty of home learning activities fo 5-11 year olds.


Masculinity in Motion – Black Men in Dance – Exhibition and Film:

The Lowry commissioned Ivan Blackstock and his collective CRXSSPLATFXRM to create new works for our Week53 festival. He now features in a brilliant online exhibition and the short film Masculinity in Motion, produced by Leicester International Dance Festival. Through photos and film, explore the current state of thinking and practice on black men in dance right now; working in ballet, hip hop and tap. After The Lowry’s focus last autumn on dance in Africa and hosting the international conference of African Dance in the Diaspora Re:Generation – this is great opportunity to keep the conversation flowing.


Seeta Patel – Sacre

Seeta Patel is one of the UK’s outstanding Indian dancers – and a long time favourite at The Lowry. She appeared four times over the past 4 years in various productions. Her last creation was The Rite of Spring: 6 international classically trained bharatanatyam dancers re-interpret the rhythms and themes of Stravinsky’s undoubted masterpiece. We are already speaking to Seeta to bring her back in 2021 with an enlarged version.

It was scheduled to be shown at the India Dance Festival in The Hague in Holland, which unfortunately also had to be cancelled. But the theatre created an insightful 15-min film with Seeta taking us behind the creation of this seminal work. If you saw The Rite of Spring at The Lowry or not – it does no matter: The film offers a glimpse into how a dance production is created – and may whet your appetite for Seeta for when she return to us.

Arthur Pita – Metamorphosis

Arthur Pita – “The David Lynch of the stage” (The Guardian) – creates wonderful visually rich works imbued with a sensual pleasure and a sense of danger. Not scared of dark subject matter, his last wok at The Lowry Stepmother/Stepfather looked at the myths of bad parenting.

For the Royal Ballet he has taken on the ever-intriguing story of Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis: Discover what happens when Gregor Samsa wakes up one morning to find that he has been transformed into a monstrous insect.

Performed by a stellar cast of Royal Ballet dancers- this work has been online and free for nearly a month. Catch it in it last days – before it disappears again! It finished this Sunday.