TUNE IN: Avantgarde Dance – Fagin’s Twist on Thursday 11 June

Avantgarde Dance Fagin’s Twist wowed audiences at The Lowry already in 2016.

This is a brilliant hip-hop retelling of the Oliver Twist story through the lens of the underdog.

Tony Adigun, the choreographer, says: “old and new runs through the piece…I love playing with history to bring it into the here and now”.

Our plan to bring Avantgarde’s newest show to The Lowry has sadly had to be postponed, so we are delighted that Fagin’s Twist is now available for a very limited period. Catch it this weekend before it is too late!

Tune in online this Thursday 7pm for the show and join a cast reunion afterwards at 8:30pm

Where & How?

Live Stream, Thursday 11 June at 7pm: https://www.theplace.org.uk/place-online

Cast Reunion, Thursday 11 June at 8:30pm: https://bit.ly/reunionyoutube