Charmaine Childs – Power

One of the earliest casualties of The Pandemic was our WEEK53 festival which was cancelled in March.

As part of the Festival we’d commissioned circus strong-lady Charmaine Childs to make an entirely new show called Power.

She’s continued to work on the show and we look forward to presenting it on our stage just as soon as we’re able to open again. In the meantime she’s been continuing to train and keep herself fit in her own front room.

This short film shows what she’s been up to. 

The pandemic has been a disaster for the British circus artists – most of them are entirely unfunded freelancers who depend on a successful Summer season of events and Festivals to see them through the Winter months.

In many cases performers haven’t even been able to train because all the circus spaces have been closed – its impossible to train as an aerialist from home!

Circus has no designated art form officer within the Arts Council and no one has been arguing their case for emergency support. Its likely that a whole generation of young circus performers will be forced to leave the industry forever.