Candoco Dance Company: Unspoken Spoken

In June we were looking forward to stage The Dan Daw Show – by one of UK’s mesmerising new-generation dance artists.

With personal frankness and astuteness Dan would have delved deeply into is identity as a disabled and gay man.

We can’t wait to bring this back when we reopen. Dan features in the beautiful film Unspoken Spoken (2018), commissioned by Candoco Dance Company by choreographer Fin Walker.

We exist within a world of rules. Rules we impose upon ourselves, rules others impose upon us. Angry, frustrated, confused, awake. Why does it take so long to realise all these rules are here? Can we accept them? Should we? And what do we do now?

17 minutes of frank and honest stuff, brought to you from Candoco, who we will also welcome again in spring 2021. Click here to watch the film.