(In)visible Dancing on the Digital Stage!

Luca Silvestrini is a choreographer full of surprises. In 2016 he turned our Compasss Room into a restaurant setting for his show May Contain Food. The audience was served little morsels of food by dancers and singers in what was some kind of ‘tasting meets performance’ event.

For (In)visible Dancing he starts a performance almost ‘invisible’ in the middle of a street, but as it progresses people gradually realise that what is happening around them is staged. Something between a flashmob and guerrilla performance – (In)visible Dancing shows all of Luca’s trademarks: an acute sense of observation, deadpan humour and the joy of surprise.   You can now see (In)visible Dancing online throughout August!

Watch here:  https://proteindance.co.uk/participates/watch-invisible-dancing-sirf-20-at-home/