Post edinburgh blues

Matthew Eames – Senior Programmer/Producer

Like many, and despite brilliant interventions like Shedinburgh ( and the online Fringe programme, I have been denied my Edinburgh fix this year.

On the plus side this means I have avoided the post Edinburgh blues – that exhausting emptiness one can feel as you catch the train home. All that energy and adrenalin spent in the rushing between shows, the artistic highs and the giddiness of possibility. It takes its toll.

As September begins and The Lowry programme wheel turns and gears up into full speed, I quickly try to tie up the existing conversations I’ve had with artists and companies as well as furthering new relationships initiated in Edinburgh.

There is probably no greater joy as a programmer than discovering a new show or a new artist/company and thinking about how to share what you have experienced with audiences. 

There can sometimes be a fear, a bad feeling in the stomach – what if it was just an ‘Edinburgh’ thing? Or ‘an industry’ thing? I worry less nowadays. All artistic experiences are subjective after all.

We are fortunate in having a large programme (around a 1,000 performances a year across all spaces) and dozens of the shows we book go to Edinburgh whether it is theatre, circus, dance or stand up.

It is vital for us and we have felt its absence. We can’t wait to return next year. And after the experiences of 2020, maybe there will be no post Edinburgh blues.