Seven Deadly Sins from Opera North

Stream the sins of the city from the stage of Leeds Playhouse direct to your home on Saturday 21 November with Brecht & Weill’s jazzy Seven Deadly Sins from Opera North.

Meet Anna and Anna: one person, two personalities. Sent away for seven years to make money for their struggling family, they journey between seven cities from Philadelphia to San Francisco, and encounter sloth, pride, wrath, gluttony, lust, greed and envy on the way. As they do, they dance, sing, argue and bear the sardonic commentary of their family.

Weill’s playful and shimmering ‘sung ballet’ – his final collaboration with Brecht – is directed and choreographed by Gary Clarke (Street Scene) and features Wallis Giunta (Trouble in Tahiti) and dancer Shelley Eva Haden as the two Annas. For £10, you can watch it live online at 6pm GMT on Saturday 21 November or on demand for 48 hours following the live event.

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