#LoveLowry – An Introduction by Matt Eames

Hello everyone and welcome to #LoveLowry. Since March 2020, the creative team here at The Lowry has worked hard to bring you original art and creative activities for all ages and our pick of the very best performing arts and visual arts available online to keep you engaged and entertained at home and on the move. We will continue to do that of course through our social media platforms – ensuring we show our support for the great work artists and organisations are doing across the country at this challenging time.

But from today #LoveLowry will change focus slightly to become our new online platform – a virtual theatre, gallery and studio space presenting a series of performances, artworks, exhibitions, tours, workshops, comment and blogs, curated by our creative team and special guest curators.

The pandemic has changed everything, perhaps forever and we want to ensure that all our audiences, visitors and participants can enjoy and be inspired by what we do, even if they are unable to be physically present in the building. So from now on we have three theatres, two galleries, three studios and also a permanent space online too. #LoveLowry.

The performances, artworks, exhibitions and workshops we feature each week on #LoveLowry will all be created or presented specifically for Lowry audiences. And our comment and blogs will introduce each of our creative team members and also feature a series of guest curators – all of whom will highlight the work of the incredible artists, companies and practitioners The Lowry is working with.

So what can you expect? Over the next six weeks there will be a weekly blog from a different member of the creative team – starting with me (in a separate blog post to this) – exploring different areas of our work. There will also be a series of creative workshops for young people created by our Learning & Engagement team to support parents and carers during lockdown. Then we will begin to announce our first series of specially commissioned and presented performances, artworks, audio works and films to take place over the next few months – our first #lovelowry season if you like. As with our physical artistic programme, we hope there will be something for everyone to enjoy and be inspired by.

Please let us know what you think and send us ideas for what you would like to see us do. But for now, stay safe and check back in here every week to see what we have for you. We hope you enjoy everything #LoveLowry has to offer.