#LoveLowry guest curator: Looking at Connection

We have all been missing a feeling of connection over the last year.

For some, connection lives in being with family or friends. Others find connection in the things they do with other people or the spaces they share with their communities. Maybe for you, it’s just being able to sit in a café, barely noticing the background noise while life carries on around you.

Connection is a huge part of what makes art and culture so important. From the first cave paintings through to the most cutting edge performance being made today, art brings people together to share a perspective, an experience or a moment with someone else.

To mark a year since venues closed their doors, we invited some of the artists we work with through our Artist Development programme to create something that responds to the theme of connection.

Each of them came back to us with something completely different, brand new, and totally unique. We’re delighted to share their work with you through this special #LoveLowry blog. Enjoy!

Fran Hyde: Tank and Me

Fran and Tank are a duo working with hair suspension & counterweighting, and are part of circus collective “Collectif and then…”. This audio described short film is about their relationship – of course there is much more to say than they can squeeze into a short film, so they ask that you read between the lines. They also have written articles together, have an installation piece and a live performance piece that they hope will be experienced in the not too distant future.

For more information: www.fallingineverydirection.com and follow @collectifand

Tom Halls: Turn Me Off

Constantly connected, ready to download, needing to get the next one, subscribe to the update. We are in the midst of a war on our minds, the eradication of creativity is fast approaching and attention spans will be reduced to a passing moment. Let’s get turned off.

Created, Shot & Edited by Tom Halls. ‘Slow Realisation’ composed by Tom Halls. ‘No Sudden Movements’ by rui (Creative Commons Lic. Att. 4.0) Commissioned by The Lowry. For more information: www.tomhalls.com.au and follow @_TomHalls

The Letter Room: The Best Thing I’ve Done All Year

The Lowry’s new Associate Artists The Letter Room wanted to celebrate and commiserate with all the brilliant young people who have had their lives disrupted over the last year. They conducted a series of interviews from across the country, and turned their words into a song.

Written and performed by The Letter Room and Jeremy Bradfield. Commissioned by The Lowry. For more information: www.theletterroomtheatre.co.uk and follow @TheLetterRoom

Shelley Owen: Move With Me

Dwelling in being
not being
wanting to be
with another. Being alone

A text, body, film experiment. Move With Me is a personal work exploring the artists sense of connect to her practice and to others.

Creator: Shelley Owen. Performers: Shelley Owen, Anonymous. Film Editor: Josh Slater. Commissioned by The Lowry. For more information: www.shelleyowendance.com and follow @ShelleyOwen_

Ergon Theatre: ERGON: Threads

ERGON: Threads is a short audio piece that tells the story of Charley, a young, everyday online shopper, following the journey of a t-shirt from inception to delivery, accompanied by an AI voice operator: Wilfred.

Click here to listen to this audio work.

Click here to read a transcript of this audio work.


Charley – Catt Belcher
Wilfred / Shanghai – Noé Sébert
Texas / Gulf of Mexico / Dhaka – Sam Black
Bogota / Milan / Family Member – Robin Lyons


Written by – Sam Black, Robin Lyons and Noé Sébert
Sound design and original composition – Robin Lyons
Photography – Sam Black

Commissioned by The Lowry. For more information: www.ergontheatre.co.uk and follow @ergontheatre

Lauren Tucker: Alexa, How Do I Disappear? and Vanishing Points

Alexa, How Do I Disappear?

With growing awareness of tensions between the human and the digital interface, with restrictions and social distancing and isolation, Lauren Tucker turned to Alexa, as a collaborator. Can Alexa fill the void of human connection? This film is part of Tuckshop Dance Theatre’s larger project Alexa, Take Me Back To Reality.

Film footage: Sam Ryley, Edited by Lauren Tucker, Performed by Natasha Gooden. Commissioned by The Lowry.

Vanishing Points

This piece of work is a starting exploration, exploring the relationship with our natural world, and how we use technology to make sense of ourselves. It is a result of bringing the team together to connect, to dream, to connect with our environment, and find shared moments of stillness to bring a sense of freedom and peace.

Tuckshop Dance Theatre would love to hear what you felt or read from this film as your thoughts will feed into the next phase of what this work could be.

Creative Direction by Lauren Tucker. Performed by Natasha Gooden, and Onyx Hinds, and Nicolette Whitely. Filmed and edited by Sam Ryley. Music by Gary Lloyd. Commissioned by The Lowry. For more information: www.tuckshopdancetheatre.org and follow @TuckshopDance

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