#lovelowry guest curator – Tony Adigun

My name is Tony Adigun; I’m a professional choreographer and creative entrepreneur within varying creative avenues.

One of my most successful and continually expanding creations is Avant Garde Dance Company. Avant Garde (AG) is a contemporary hip hop theatre company that has become renowned for pushing barriers and stylistic stereotypes using foundations of dance as the core and stretching beyond that through music, fashion, technology and other creative forms.

Fagin’s Twist, one of our most popular works, is the tale of Dickens’ Oliver Twist, from the hauntingly twisted perspective of the underdog. During the first UK tour of Fagin, AG was lucky enough to come to Manchester to perform for two days in May 2016. This was the beginning of a wonderful creative partnership with The Lowry.

Avant Garde shares The Lowry’s interest in bringing innovative new work to audiences, and so it’s an absolute pleasure to introduce The Rule of Seven, An illegal dance short film.

This film is the first instalment of multifaceted, multi-artform work.  A realm of different stories which branch of form one central storyline, over then few ears we’re looking forward to engaging audiences through more film, outdoors, immersive, theatre and rave. But for now, I hope this first instalment will help whet the appetite of The Lowry’s diverse audience and raise anticipation to investigate the world of Illegal Dance.

Click here to watch the film

About Illegal Dance

Illegal Dance explores a future where artistic expression is forbidden by oppressive regimes around the world. It combines dynamic contemporary choreography with innovative technical stagecraft to portray the tensions in a society that pits order against chaos, security against freedom, and individualism against collective will.

This new work employs a synaesthesic blend of movement, music, and design to pull at tangled narrative threads, explore complex character relationships, and expose fragile morality. The script is sparse and stripped back: audiences must derive their own truths from more abstract expression.

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